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             Book Published!

Matters of Life and Death  is an anthology of short stories written by ten authors. Of the thirty stories, twenty-seven are based on true life experiences. The book is available as a Kindle E-book and Paperback on Amazon.

Writers Anonymous Writer Writes 3 Act Play

Dennis Watson has written a theater play, Company B.  It is based on a true event. In 1947 when the U.S. Army decided to form the first integrated unit, consisting of equal number of black and white soldiers. Company B  tells the tale of how men in a segregated society cope with the challenge of having to look within and and face their own preconceptions.

New Book by Rick Thues

Rick and Paula have been on a skydiving adventure for 35 years. They each have made more than 5000 jumps. They entered the sport during its transition from a thing done by risk taking dare devils to a hobby/vocation which can be enjoyed for a lifetime. The stories of their adventures put the reader into the point of view of the skydiver.

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